Intelligent Transportation Systems

Speed Signs


Ver-Mac’s Speed Wizard is the industry first combination Work Zone Digital Speed Limit (WZDSL) and Speed Awareness System. The two-digit 18-inch white LEDs display the work zone speed limits while the two-digit 18-inch amber LEDs display the speed of oncoming motorists. The Speed Awareness display automatically adjusts to the WZDSL speed and has four levels of warning for motorists. The Speed Wizard automatically sends a work zone speed notification in real time to Waze, and through the WZDx to DOTs and potentially automated vehicles.

Portable Cameras


The CT-2430 is a portable camera trailer designed to provide height and stability for the deployment of outdoor dynamic video surveillance. The CT-2430 camera trailer is perfect to remotely monitor work zones, construction sites, special events or any application where permanent cameras are not available or feasible. Robust construction, it supports a telescopic mast up to a height of 9 meters (30 feet) to provide optimal performance.

Microwave Sensors


The CT-2020-MW comes with a side-fire microwave sensor that provides bi-directional lane data, perlane volume, speed - 85th percentile, occupancy and classification information in up to 16 user-defined detection zones. The CT-2020-MW also comes with a high-speed modem with GPS which allows to gather data remotely using our JamLogic® Software. The CT-2020-MW is the perfect equipment to integrate to your smart work zone project or for your traffic studies.

JamLogic Software

Realtime data at your fingertips

JamLogic software provides transparent client server access to all devices and data. The software analyzes traffic data and provides real-time information to the motoring public, project managers, agencies, traffic management centers (TMC), and public websites.


  • Scalable, flexible and customizable system
  • Speed data from multiple sources
  • Interactive GPS device mapping and listings
  • Transparent logging and history data
  • Streaming video with PTZ control
  • Unlimited users / various levels of access
  • Optional public website
  • Optional automated email or text alerts


  • Increased traveler and worker safety
  • Cost savings due to reduced incidents
  • Better information to motoring public
  • Quicker incident response and improved mobility
  • Real-time project visibility
  • Data analysis at your fingertips
  • Better understanding of traffic conditions
  • Meets the requirements in the FHWA’s Section 1201 Final Rule